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an amazing journey

our history

Makifornia was conceived following an amazing journey across Japan. There, in the towns and villages, we discovered a rich culture of many flavours.
We simply fell in love!
For your delectation, we have created an extraordinary symbiosis between West and Far East, between modernity and tradition. ‘Maki’ is inspired by the Land of the Rising Sun, while ‘Fornia’ evokes California and ‘California Rolls’. When the Empire marries the New World, some spectacular flavours are born of their culinary nuptials. Makifornia is honoured to invite you on a great gastronomic adventure, blending a range of Japanese recipes with an assortment of dishes reinterpreted Western-style.

Our mission

Our mission is to offer our guests a unique culinary experience by combining Japanese tradition with contemporary art, providing exceptional service for an unforgettable experience at MAKIFORNIA.

Customer satisfaction

We make our guests the heart of our business. They are the best judges of how we’re doing, and our best source of publicity too.


We are constantly striving to evolve and push back the boundaries in thinking about how we create our dishes and how we provide our services and products to our guests.<br /> We are coming up with new products and new techniques all the time, so that we can wow our guests’ palates with new flavours, textures and tastes.

Teamwork and respect

We regard running a restaurant as a noble profession, so we make sure we employ competent and passionate people. We make an effort to enable our staff to develop and acquire new skills, so they can keep our guests happy by giving them a professional, meticulous service which makes us stand out from our competitors.


Our consistent focus on our mission and our values means that we demand the very best from our suppliers, to the benefit of our guests.